The 2020 European Championship was held a year later due to the worldwide epidemic situation. For the first time, the official ball featured the sign of Budapest, in addition to which 11 other countries appeared.


The ball's name: Uniforia comes from a mix of the words: unity and euphoric atmosphere. The 60th anniversary of the championship was organized not in one or two, but in 12 countries, so the ball had a place for each country with its name and coordinates. These countries were Budapest, London, Glasgow, Dublin, Bilbao, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Saint Petersburg, Munich, Rome, Bucharest and Baku.

The ball was 99% identical to the 2018 World Cup ball with the Telstar 18, except that its weight was increased by 10 grams. The interesting thing about the design of the ball - as well as all the Euros jerseys produced by the three-striped brand - is the exterior created with traditional techniques (painting, drawing, sculpting), which was later digitized and applied to the surface of the products.

The ball was presented in London on November 17, 2019, among players such as Kante, Kepa, Azpilicueta, Ian Wright. It is interesting that along with the ball, UEFA opened to fans and street soccer players, so the mascots of the matches became freestyle football players. Kitti Szász and Zoltán Lipták from Hungary became the ambassadors of the tournament.

Interestingly, the Uniforia London ball was not used in the knockout stage, the ball has just replaced the original ball from the semi-finals. The final four teams all played in the English capital. In the end, after a dramatic game, it was not the English national team who took home the trophy. The young Italians won, but they could not make it to the World Championship after half a year.

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